Ukonic Harry Potter Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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While the use of love potions may be effective, they can also be dangerous -- not only can your victim, er - subject fall desperately in love with the wrong person, there have been occasional, if rare, poisonings. Caution is warranted!

Alternatively, you could take the muggle's route! Purchasing and presenting heartfelt gifts are certainly the safer route. We've partnered with Toynk Toys to deliver some of our greatest new Harry Potter gifts you can offer to your favorite Witch, Wizard, or Muggle!

Hogwarts House Bathrobes

Lounging around in your house's common-room, students can study, socialize, or simply stare off into the beyond. Wearing your house robes may be convenient, but house-robes not exactly known for comfort. Our house bathrobes, in contrast, are softer than a niffler's tummy. Nothing will make your Valentine feel warm and comfy more than our House Bathrobes!

Marauder’s Map Dinnerware Set

I solemnly swear dinner is served! Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs, purveyors of aids to magical mischief-makers are proud to present our Dinnerware set! made to resemble the infamous Marauder's Map, this dinner set offers 4 complete place-settings of plates, bowls, and mugs suitable for any witch or wizard's supper, or perhaps an extra-large portion of Honeyduke's treats. Serve a delicious Valentine's dinner on this set, and perhaps an evening of managed-mischief!

Tabletop Mirror of Erised 

The happiest person in the world gazing into the Mirror of Erised would see their own face smiling back at them. Me? I see myself sitting in my easy-chair eating an extra-large bowl of very sugary cereal. This small-scale replica is perfectly suitable for your desk, your dresser, or even hanging on your wall. For safety reasons, however, we haven't included any magical capabilities in our mirrors - we'll leave them up to you to imbue. Give one to your significant other, and perhaps they'll see you standing right along side them.

Golden Snitch Ceramic Trinket Tray

The Golden Snitch is most notable for its ability to end a Quidditch match. The Seeker scours the field for a fleeting glimpse of this diminutive golden trinket. A good Seeker trains to spot it as quickly as possible. It stands to reason, then, that keeping the rest of your baubles in our Golden Snitch Trinket Tray will ensure they're never far from your sight! If you're giving your Valentine a precious bauble to commemorate your feelings, make sure to give them a Golden Snitch Trinket Tray in which to store it!

Triwizard Cup Mood Lamp

Many people confuse the Goblet of Fire with the Triwizard Cup, but they are in fact two distinct mystical chalices from the same Harry Potter story! One was a crucible in which to collect contestant's names, and the other was the award at the end of the maze. Secretly, the Triwizard Cup was also a portkey, whisking Harry Potter to his almost certain doom, but what isn't known is that it also made a handsome mood-lamp! Glittering with a silvery light, our Triwizard Cup Mood Lamp is a replica of the movie-prop, minus the ability to force the owner into a visit with You-Know-Who.

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