About Us

In 2003, my business-partners and I started manufacturing licensed gifts in the UK, and eventually found a lot of traction in robes and loungeware. Thus, Robe Factory was founded! Working with clients like ThinkGeek, Hot Topic, and Spencers, we learned quickly that coupling our passion for product with a true sense of collaboration, transparency, and mutual benefit resulted in higher-quality merchandise, happy customers, and returned business.
We've developed an ethos:
Support one another, make the world around us better, and bring passion and creativity to everything we do.
We learned that our most successful product started by focusing more on the dreams and ambitions of the consumer. The wild idea that nobody else would consider. No longer interested in simply making merchandise to tick a checkbox in an accountant's spreadsheet, we decided to make the exciting product that the fans were demanding. By speaking directly to the fans in an authentic voice, we establish that personal connection, and make their dreams into reality.
Our success spread to other categories - rugs, home decor, lighting, and tabletop. Realizing that "Robe Factory" didn't adequately describe what we do, we rebranded.
  • Ukonic is first and foremost about U, the consumer. Your excitement about your favorite fandom is the beginning and end of everything we do.
  • The highlighted UK represents our roots in the United Kingdom.
  • We want to be Iconic, recognizable, and ubiquitous in our field.
  • ON because we're always on.
  • The upside-down letter i represents thinking differently. Turn our ideas on their heads to make something unusual that nobody else would think of.
That's who we are. That's how we MAKE IT REAL.

Martin Butler
CEO & Founder – Ukonic