Mother's Day Gifts for the Geekmom in Your Life!

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Moms of geeks and fans are, more often than not, geeks and fans themselves! Whether your mom is a Gamer, Jedi, Witch, or Superhero at heart, Ukonic makes more than its share of gear to make her day the nerdiest day possible!

Marvel Iron Man Gauntlet Collectible LED Desk Lamp | 14 Inches

Iron Man Gauntlet LED Desk Lamp

Tony was kind enough to build a suit of armor for his beloved Pepper Potts. While the "Rescue Armor" didn't sport the classic red-and-gold motif like his, it might have been the best mother's day gift she ever got! Unfortunately, the technology doesn't exist for us to make a full suit of powered armor, but we can offer this awesome LED Desk Lamp shaped like Iron Man's gauntlet!

Minecraft Glowstone 14 Inch Corded Desk LED Bedside Night Light Lamp for Gamers

Minecraft Glowstone LampBounding through the Overworld is the job of somebody willing to put in the work. Mining, crafting, and protecting you from Creepers, Zombies, Spiders, and Skeletons is definitely the job of a Mom! Show her you care with this lovely glowstone lamp! 

Harry Potter Triwizard Cup Battery Operated Mood Light | 13-Inch Tall LED Lamp

Triwizard Cup LampThat night in the graveyard when Harry met you-know-who reborn, an apparition in the form of Harry's Mother appeared to him and protected him long enough to escape. This handsome chalice is a fine gift for all the other mothers of Witches and Wizards in the world to remind them that their love protects us all. 

Star Trek Klingon Bat'leth 6-In-1 Multitool Kit

It's a little known fact that Klingon mothers are among the fiercest in the galaxy. The bat'leth, in contrast, is known throughout space as a fearsome weapon. Our tiny version of the great sword of Kahless is a handy tool for small jobs around your house or starship. Show your mother the respect to which she is entitled to, you impudent whelp!

Halo Light-Up Energy Sword Collectible LED Desktop Lamp | 14 Inches Tall

Halo Energy Sword

Master Chief is known for taking the fight to the enemy. Without John 117, we'd never prevail against Covenant forces. If your mom spends her time stealing energy swords from Elites and running them through, this lamp would make an excellent gift! 

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Lightsaber LED Lamp | 23 Inch Desk Lamp

 Lightsaber Desk Lamp

Xbox Series X Replica Mini Fridge Thermoelectric Cooler

Xbox Mini Fridge Thermoelectric Cooler

No gamer-den is complete without a fridge chilling your favorite delicious beverage. Your mom deserves an ice cold Sprite when she's 360-no-scoping pro-gamers. Maybe, though, this one is for yourself -- no judgement.

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