Ukonic Friends Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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Joey Tribbiani, a legend in his own mind, is always on the prowl. Though he may seem a bit heavy handed in his approach to love, there's a certain amiable earnestness to him which can't be denied.

Rather than relying on a Jersey-smirk to attract a Valentine, why not shower your significant other in gifts! For our fans of Friends out there, we've teamed up with our partner Toynk Toys to offer up some of the finest the Central Perk has to offer. 

Peephole Frame Mirror

Eagle-eyed viewers might notice a decorative picture-frame around the peephole of Monica and Rachel's front-door. Usually picture frames like these are used to display pictures of people you love, but using this mirror, Joey might see his favorite face; his own! Get one for your Valentine so that they should always look out for number-one, too.

Mr. Rachel and Mrs. Ross Double-Sided Mugs

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas - particularly if they're drunken nuptials coupled with sharpies. To commemorate Ross and Rachel's blessed if hastily arranged event, we made a lovely his-and-hers set of mugs with Rachel's mustache and Ross's kitty-whiskers adorning them. Enjoy your morning hangover remedy, cups of tea, or even use them as planters! No judgement... in fact, let's not speak of it again...

Central Perk Couch Replica

Have you ever watched an episode of Friends and wished you could have a giant overstuffed squishy couch like they had at the Central Perk? Your wish is granted! We've meticulously recreated the couch, full size, for your living room, coffee shop, or every day hangout spot. Designed to fit three comfortable, you and your Valentine can lounge around all day, drinking coffee, and enjoying each other's company. Look, we're not going to kid you - this is an actual couch. Handmade, and incredible quality. This is an item you'll be showing off to everybody who comes over.

Central Perk Dinner Set

Whether you're having bagels, a magnificent turkey dinner, or even lobster, there's no better presentation-setting better than this delightful dinner set themed with our Friends' favorite coffee-shop / hangout spot - The Central Perk. Just because Joey doesn't share his food, doesn't mean you can't!

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