Frequently Asked Questions

Dude! Why is (insert product name here) so expensive?

Obviously, we care deeply about the fan experience. We want to ensure that you don't get a cheap piece of plastic that will only enter a landfill in a few weeks. We'd rather spend a little extra if it means you enjoy your merchandise for as long as you can.

Sometimes that means our product is more expensive. That may mean that we don't sell as many units then if it were cheaper. Economies of scale become a factor! Our factories and raw materials suppliers will charge us less if we make a million collectibles than if we make a thousand. Making fewer and better quality merchandise means each item costs more to produce.

Can I see what you're working on?

Believe me, we'd love to show you! Our agreements with our licensors means we have to keep things secret. Sometimes they're made in advance of a major movie or TV show release, sometimes they're just not yet approved, sometimes our retail partners wants to time the release themselves. In any case, we're just not allowed to divulge most new product before a specific date.

What happened to Robe Factory?

Back in the day, we were known for making some of the first licensed bathrobes and loungewear. We've since broadened our horizons and expanded our product lines.

Now we're not only good at robes and loungeware, we are also adept at housewares, mini-fridges, rugs, tools, even furniture!