Frequently Asked Questions

I bought something from Ukonic and it's defective. Can I get a new one?

We try really hard to make sure everything we make is perfect, but sometimes something falls through the cracks. Our arrangement with our retail partners usually means we send everything we manufacture to the retail stores, and we don't have any excess inventory here in our offices.

So while we'd love to help you, sometimes we simply can't! Your best option, in most cases, is to contact the retailer from which you bought the item and see if they can get you a replacement. 

If you're just not getting the satisfaction you want, reach out to us via our contact-us page, and we'll see what we can do.

I own a store and want to carry Ukonic merchandise. Can I contact you?

We'd love to hear from you! If you've got a brick-and-mortar store, a mail-order store, or a self-hosted online store, reach out via our contact-us page, and we'll get you started. Note that we already have an exclusive Amazon retail partner, so if your store is on Amazon, we'll have to politely decline.

I have an idea! Can I sell it to you?

Short answer is: probably not. While our fans are some of the most creative on the planet, our designers are pretty gifted, too! Occasionally, we have the same or similar ideas, and nobody wants get sued having been accused of stealing an idea.

We have purchased ideas from amazing designers before, but they've been able to publish those ideas on their own, and put legal protections in place like trademarks and patents. We've reached out to some designers who have done that, and everybody's profited!

So while we'd love to see your designs, please don't send them to us! Protect your intellectual property, first!