Ukonic Star Trek Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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Shall I compare thee to a Summer's Day? Jean-Luc Picard isn't known for being emotionally available to the women who pursue him, but he has been known to make a show of it from time to time.

It might not be your style to woo your love by misquoting Shakespearean Sonnets. You may have better luck showering your Valentine with gifts designed to show them your affection, but also recognizing and honoring their own love for their favorite sci-fi franchise. 

Star Trek Discovery Bathrobe


Leaping from the 23rd Century to the 32nd Century can be exhausting work for any member of Starfleet. When it's time for Shore-Leave, best make maximum use of your time by lounging around in the softest thing this side of a tribble. Our unisex one-size-fits-most bathrobes are warmer than a targ and more comforting than a zero-gee sonic-shower. Surprise your Valentine with one just as they come off their duty-shift in astro-mycology!

Shuttlecraft Slippers

While you're at it, our soft plush slippers make a great pairing with our bathrobes! Choose either the classic TOS "Class F" Shuttlecraft style or the more modern TNG "Type-7" design. Like the real thing, they aren't warp-capable, but they'll get you where you need to go in comfort and style.

Whiskey Decanter Set

When Starfleet brass comes to your starship to pay a visit, don't serve them any old synthehol from any old glass. Pull out the good stuff. Our Starfleet Whiskey Decanter Set will make any occasion special. Four glasses and a 750ml decanter lend a sophistication to your Valentine's Day dinner. 

LCARS Dinnerware Set

After drinks, serve your Valentine some supper with this striking LCARS themed dinner set. Sixteen-pieces gives you four complete sets of plates, bowls, and mugs featuring Mike Okuda's incredible Library Computer Access Retrieval System computer interface design. Whether you're serving spicy baked hasperat, pipius claw, or parthas ala Yuta, your meal will certainly be unforgettable.

Star Trek Pizza Cutter

Bringing back a classic, we've resurrected the venerable Star Trek Pizza Cutter! Sharper than a bat'leth, the primary-hull of the Constitution Class USS Enterprise makes a perfect spinning blade for cutting your pizza into perfectly geometric slices. Grip the nacelles loosely yet firmly and slice it faster than a Borg cutting beam. Make it so!

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