Ukonic Minecraft Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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Does your Valentine dream of meter-high cubes of stone, iron, and diamond? Do they only eat baked potatoes, cake, and a fushia concoction they call "a potion?" Do they only have cats as pets, "to scare away the creepers?" It stands to reason that they're a Minecraft fan!

While the best gift possible for a Minecraft fan would be a double-chest full of diamond block. While amazing, it would be wildly impractical! Luckily, we here at Ukonic have teamed up with our good friends at Toynk Toys to offer up the best gifts for your Minecraft Valentine! 

Potion Bottle LED Lamp

A bottle of water, blaze powder, and nether wart in your brew stand can get you a pretty useless awkward potion, but add sugar and you get a potion of speed! Glistering melon gets you healing! More blaze-powder gets you strength! But what if you add electricity? We wanted to find out and we invented a Potion Bottle LED Mood Lamp! This cheery glowing replica emits just enough light to make your dark room a little less foreboding . Your Valentine will love it's pink, green, yellow, and purple glow! 

Redstone Torch Replica

As torches go, the Minecraft Redstone Torch doesn't give off a ton of light. Really it's just used as the basis for redstone circuits, or as simple "on-switches" for pistons and doors. For us, we think they make great little mood-lights for your room! Give it to your Valentine as the key to open the door to your heart! ❤️ Too much? Yeah, maybe. We're probably a little cheesy that way.

TNT Block Desk Lamp

There's nothing worse than getting into the zone, somewhere near level-13, digging away at the diamond ore block you just uncovered when you hear the telltale hiss of a creeper behind you! If only you had lit up your mineshaft behind you, we wouldn't be in this predicament! In order to remind you to drop torches while you mine, we've created this TNT block table lamp with a little creeper as the puller! Your Valentine will appreciate the gentle reminder that they need to keep their work area well-lit! ssssSSSSSS! POW!

Creeper Area Rug

Speaking of creepers, we made this handsome creeper area rug for people who really want to complete the look of their room! While creepers may be the last thing you want to see in your game, there's something deeply satisfying about walking all over a creeper's face over and over again! Your significant other will love this gift because rugs always tie the room together. 

TNT Block Storage Tote

Every valentine needs a place to keep their Valentine's Day Cards, chocolates, and shiny baubles you've dug up for them. We've got lots of Minecraft storage totes, but this one is by far our favorite -- we like things that go BOOM! This TNT Block Storage Tote is 15-inches cubed with handles and a lid. Absolutely EXPLODING with style! We love love LOVE this box, and your Valentine will too!

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