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Whether you're a billionaire playboy philanthropist with an oversized ego or a Russian double-agent with a flair for spinning takedowns, your Valentine is still expecting at least some recognition of your love for them. It may be impractical to provide them with gemstones forged at the beginning of time imbued with fantastic cosmic power -- shiny baubles like those tend to be more trouble than they're worth. Luckily, Ukonic is here with a handy gift-guide with links to our Internet partner Toynk Toys!

Thor’s Hammer 30-Piece Tool Set

Nice swing, Point-Break, but can you also tighten a 1/2 inch bolt with that thing? Mjolnir, forged with the heart of a dying star, is a mighty tool, but it's a blunt instrument, and not a precision tool. That is, until now. We've put a tool set inside of it including (yes) a hammer, a socket set, wrench, pliers, and measuring tape. Give your Valentine a gift worthy of a warrior of Asgard. 

Iron Man Gauntlet LED Lamp

Tony Stark has a heart. He may not act like it sometimes, but behind that fully-armored exterior, he really does care a lot about his Pepper. After "The Blip," Tony was going to surprise Pepper with her own Rescue armor - his own workbench illuminated only by his own repulsor gloves. Well, that's our head-canon anyway. You can light up your own workspace with our Iron Man Armored Gauntlet table lamp. Give it as a gift to your favorite gear-head this Valentine's Day!

Spider-Man Streetlight Desk Lamp

Hang out with your friendly neighborhood superhero with this officially licensed Marvel Spider Man Streetlight Desk Lamp. Recreating a classic Marvel scene, this fandom-themed desk lamp features an elegant design with a touch of whimsy — courtesy of the web-slinger. Fashioned after a streetlamp with a cobbled-style base, this collectible mood light shines down on a sculpted Spider Man figure dangling upside down in one of his famous poses. Prepare for upside-down smooches when you give this gift on Valentine's Day!

Iron Man 2 Briefcase Toolkit

If you ever happen to find yourself in Monaco and need a quick-and-dirty solution to a problem, make sure your personal valet has this toolkit nearby! Made to resemble Tony Stark's "suitcase armor" kit from Iron Man 2, this set of mini-screwdrivers will come in handy! Flathead, Phillips, Pozidriv, Hex, and Torx heads all in one set. Your Valentine can always use extra tools, why not give them something they will love?

Marvel Logo Sign

If your heart skips a beat every time the Marvel logo comes up on screen just like your heart skips a beat whenever you see your Valentine, then this is the perfect gift! This large 17 inch illuminated red marquee sign will show your love both for your Valentine and for the world's mightiest superheroes! Make mine Marvel!

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