Revenge of the Fifth

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Star Wars day is over and done, and yet we are still here celebrating all things Star Wars! This time, however, we're exploring the slightly less polished side of the Star Wars Universe -- particularly the scoundrels, the orphans, and the bounty-hunters.

If you've ever wanted to live in a Galaxy Far Far Away, but wanted to live by your own rules, maybe you want to follow the Mandalorian way. If all you need is your buddy and a starship, you might like the sound of a scoundrel. If you want to go on a voyage of self-discovery, there's a tiny green Child who wants to meet you. 

Mandalorian Bathrobe

The Mandalorian is not a race. It's a creed. They live by a certain set of codes. This is the way. Most important of these rules, at least according to some, is no one sees you without your armor. While our bathrobe is comfortable enough to wear all day, every day, we do recommend machine washing once in a while. 

Mandalorian Onesie

If you want more complete coverage, try our Mando-Onesie. You can zip up this union-suit all the way to your forehead. Don't worry, you can still see through the fine mesh faceplate, all while still being covered from wrist-to ankle. It's not Beskar, so we don't recommend going in to battle with it, but you'll at least be warm and comfy.

Mandalorian Dinner Set

Mandalorian don't live on bone-broth alone, so when the battle is won, and you're tucking in to a thick juicy Krayt-Dragon steak, make sure you pull out your finest stoneware. This is black with a fine mudhorn crest embedded within. Don't worry if you haven't technically earned the emblem, you will. This is the way.

Grogu Bathrobe

This little orphan has captured the heart of every Star Wars fan as soon as it appeared on screen. Grogu, formerly known as The Child, lives about as bohemian a lifestyle as any tiny green big-eared alien could. He eats, sleeps, eats, chills, eats, and also eats all while wearing the same sackcloth robe everywhere. We think he'd be far happier in our ultra-plush bathrobe. Soft and comfortable, you can meditate on your next meal as warm and cozy as you can be.

Millennium Falcon Area Rug

Won fair-and-square in a game of Sabacc, the Millennium Falcon may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts. It's not just a ship, it's home. While you may not have a YT-1000 stock-light freighter to live in, you can at least decorate your own quarters with this handsome floor-covering! Our Millennium Falcon Rug may not make the Kessel-Run in the shortest-distance possible, but she looks great in your office.

Come Back Tomorrow!

 The Fifth may have been all about the underdog, but it's long past time the actual Dark Lord of the Sith had a chance to show you his favorite merchandise. You will come back tomorrow. The Emperor has foreseen this! 

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