Star Trek - Away Mission Tent

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One of the most gratifying things we can do as manufacturers of licensed product is to personally connect with the fans; conventions are arguably the best way to do that. Sadly, with the ongoing pandemic, most fan conventions are either completely cancelled, or moved to virtual platforms. 

It's not the same, though. While virtual visits to convention floors keeps everybody safe and healthy, there's a buzz you miss out on. The hubbub that rises when a star is spotted, or the press of bodies around a particularly cool floor display, or the flashbulbs going off around creative cosplay artists. We miss that.

When we do make IRL appearances at cons, we love to take the really enthusiastic fans aside and show them behind the curtains. Pulling out secret binders, or top-secret photos, or rough prototypes, we'll show what we're working on to the super-fans and get their thoughts. Are we on the right track? Did we get this color or this angle just right? Could this be better? Some of our most successful items have been collaborations with those super-fans, and though we're doing our best, we miss your input!

Our last convention two summers ago, we showed a few of you our Star Trek Shuttlecraft 2-man tent. Just sketches at the time, we knew we were on to something when, almost universally, Star Trek fans went nuts for the design! We're confident we've got a potential hit on our hands, thanks to you folks!

There's still a lot of work to do! Just a few hours ago, there was still artwork being passed around our development team, putting in the last touches, but before too long, everybody will have the opportunity to camp out using an official Starfleet-Issue pop-up tent! We can't wait to show you the finished product!

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