Harry Potter Voldemort's Death-Eater Dinnerware Now Available

Posted by John Frazier on

Fans of Harry Potter know that it's his connection to his nemesis Voldemort that leads him either to salvation or his destruction. He has to stay close to the Dark Lord while simultaneously slipping into darkness.

Harry may have witnessed through that connection an ominous dinner party with his most loyal lieutenants where they were plotting his demise. On the vast dark dining room table lay several place-settings bearing the dark-mark -- the snake-enshrouded skull which identifies the Death Eaters.

You too can host your own dinner party fit for the finest wizarding families with Ukonic's utterly unique Harry Potter Voldemort's Death Eater Dinner Sets. We have everything you need, except perhaps an overwhelming desire for power and domination. 

Harry Potter Voldemort's Death Eater Dinnerware Set
Harry Potter Voldemort's Death Eater Serving Platter
Harry Potter Voldemort's Death Eater Serving Bowl
Harry Potter Voldemort Death Eater Placemats
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