Mighty Thor Mjolnir Hammer Home Tool Kit (91pcs)

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The aftermath of Thor: Ragnarok left us all perplexed, how can the indestructible Thor Hammer be shattered so effortlessly like a piece of glass by Thor’s sister Hela?

Fear not!! Mighty Thor (Jane Foster) was able to reforge the powerful Mjolnir reigniting the hammer and returning the powers of home repair to those who may possess the strength.

The “cracked version” of the tool kit features all the helpful tools one could ask for when running through your home project list, this Mjolnir Hammer Home Tool Kit is the ideal choice for the God or Goddess of Thunder. Tackle any project with this mighty tool kit modelled after Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. Once you are finished with your fixes, all the tools will pack up inside the shell of the hammer and await their next summoning. With this Mjolnir toolbox, you will have everything you need to feel like a god of home repair! A collectible Marvel must-have. Officially licensed, this Mjolnir Tool Kit is practically flying off the shelves and into the hands of the worthy.

The Thor toolbox is a must-have not only for home projects and repairs but also as a piece of branded Avenger's decor. Each tool in the Mjolnir Hammer Home Tool Kit was forged on Asgard. Take pride and wield the mighty Mjolnir Hammer Home Tool Kit for your own needs; relish in the power of Thor while wielding this tool set. Use them to defend Asgard, Midgard, and your home!


    • 1 PC 12oz Round Head Hammer
    • 1 PC 6 in Adjustable Wrench
    • 1 PC 5 in Long Nose Plier
    • 1 PC Level Vial
    • 1 PC Fabric Measuring Tape
    • 20 PCS Push Pins
    • 10 PCS Hook Set (6PCS 20lb, 4PCS 30lb)
    • 26 PCS Hook Set (4PCS 50lb, 10PCS 10lb, 12PCS Mats)
    • 20 PCS Zip Ties
    • 8 PCS Precision Screwdriver Set with
    • 7 PCS Reversible Bits including:
    • 3 x Double End Plain Slot and Cross Slot Blades: SL 2mm x PH No. 00, SL 2.5mm x PH No. 0, SL 3mm x PH No. 1
    • 1 x Double Ended Pz Type: No. 0 x No. 1
    • 2 x Double Ended Tx Star: T5 x T7 – T6 x T8,
    • 1 x Double Ended Hexagon: H2mm x H2.5mm ,
    • 1PC Metal Screwdriver Handle
    • 1PC 12 in 1 Stubby Ratchet Screwdriver with
    • 6PC 30mm Double Ended Bits including: PZ2 x H5, PZ3 x H6, PZ1 x H4, PH1 x SL4, PH2 x SL5, PH3 x SL6
  • Hammer Shell Measures 15 x 9 x 6 Inches.

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