Minecraft Mini Mob Novelty Lights Pack of 4

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Modeled after the most popular hostile mobs in Minecraft, this Minecraft Mini Mob Light Set is ready to light up the place. How do we know you need a lamp? All these guys showed up at once. What are the odds? It's gotta be pretty dark there if you got a creeper, enderman, ghast, AND zombie. Fortunately, these guys brought their own.

Each 2 1/2" figure glows with an LED light powered by 3 button cell batteries (included). There's an on/off switch on the bottom to preserve the batteries when you don't need them to glow, because they're pretty much just as cute when they're not lit. Cute? Sorry. We meant terrifying, obviously.

  • Set of four Minecraft mini baddies as little light-up figures
  • Includes an Enderman, Ghast, Zombie, and Creeper
  • 2 1/2" tall, just the right size to tuck in with your other figurines or display on a shelf
  • A great decoration at a birthday party or party favor (since they come 4 to a pack) or a fun gift for players ages 6+
  • Each includes 3 AG3 button cell batteries

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