Minecraft Creeper Mood Light 5"

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No need to be afraid of the dark when you have this Minecraft Creeper Mood Light. This 5" cube casts a green glow, giving you enough light to continue playing long after everyone else has gone to bed. And its 15-minute auto-shutoff mode preserves batteries and makes it a great nightlight - preventing hostile mobs from spawning while you sleep.

A unique birthday or holiday gift for Minecraft players young and old, this battery-powered cube can go with you anywhere - to work, school, or it can bring extra fun to the party. Oh, and it's guaranteed not to explode and destroy everything you've built.

  • The faces of Minecraft fans of all ages will light up when they open this gift
  • 5" cube lamp reproducessss the head of the iconic Creeper
  • Perfect for lighting up the bedrooms, gaming spaces, or desks of players ages 6+
  • 15-minute auto-shutoff feature makes it a great nightlight
  • 3 AA batteries (not included)

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