Halo Green Masterchief Mood Light 4-Piece Set

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This Halo Master Chief Evolved Mini Mood Light Set arrives ready to light up the place. You might want to clarify with John-117 exactly what you mean by "light up," just in case. Each of these mini lamps features a different version of Master Chief's iconic Mjolnir powered assault armor, all with the signature gold visor on the helmet. When they're not lit up (there's an on/off switch on the base to preserve the batteries), these 2 1/2" figures will fit right in with your other video game collectibles.


  • Set of four different versions of Master Chief as light-up figures
  • Master Chief's iconic Mjolnir armor over the years in different games
  • 2 1/2" tall, just the right size to tuck in with your other figurines or put on a shelf
  • A great display item at a birthday party or party favor (since they come 4 to a pack) or a fun gift for players ages 6+
  • Each includes 3 AG3 button cell batteries

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