Friends Central Perk 3 Piece Ceramic Dinner Set | Plate | Bowl | Mug

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Time and time again, we see our favorite group of friends gathered around their reserved table at the iconic Central Perk coffeehouse in New York City. Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Joey, and Phoebe have all given us countless laughs while seated at their go-to hangout spot. This dining set from Central Perk serves as a reminder for all the laughs shared. Featuring a dinner plate, dinner bowl, and coffee mug each adorned with the Central Perk logo, this 3-piece dinner set is perfect for anyone looking to celebrate their favorite series over dinner. Make Chef Monica proud and compliment your favorite meals with this Central Perk dinnerware.


With beautiful finishes and crafted from durable ceramic, this collection of Central Perk dishes will make a wonderful display in your assortment of Friends collectibles. Save Rachel the trouble of forgetting to bus your plates away by not using them to begin with. Rather, display them proudly and put a unique emphasis on your collection of treasures from the series. However you choose to use your dinnerware collection, rest assured that they'll always be there for you.


  • SHARE A MEAL WITH YOUR FRIENDS: Joey doesn't share food but that doesn't mean you can't. This dinnerware set comes straight from Central Perk, the iconic coffeehouse in Friends. Share your favorite meals with your friends over these Central Perk themed dishes!
  • REMINISCE ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE TV COFFEEHOUSE: In nearly every episode of Friends, the group is seen gathered around their large reserved couch seated in the middle of the Central Perk coffee shop. It's only fitting that these dishes serve as a reminder of each hilarious moment.
  • INCLUDES A FULL DINNER SET: This 3-piece dining collection includes one large dinner plate, one dinner bowl, and one drinking mug. Crafted from durable ceramic, these dishes are ideal for anyone looking to enjoy a Friends themed meal or host a Friends dinner party.
  • ROLLOUT YOUR LOVE FOR FRIENDS AT EACH MEAL: For fans of the series who simply can't get enough Friends, this dinnerware set allows you to enjoy your favorite TV show on a daily basis. Each dish also fits well into any collection of Friends themed collectibles.
  • OFFICIAL FRIEND DINNERWARE COLLECTION: For the ultimate Friends fan, this collection of Central Perk dinnerware is a memorable collectible or gift. Enjoy this officially licensed collection in your own home or gift the set to the Friends fan in your life.

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