Xbox Mini Fridge FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Can I run the Xbox Mini Fridge continuously?
    A: You can run the Xbox Mini Fridge continuously in ECO mode. Running your fridge in MAX mode will cool it quickly but to prevent frost-buildup, and to reduce energy consumption, move the power selector to ECO mode. 
  2. Q: I forgot and left the fridge on MAX too long. Now I have frost buildup on the fan. How do I get rid of the frost?
    A: Don't worry - Just turn off your Xbox Mini Fridge and allow the frost to melt normally. Wipe up any melted frost with a dry cloth, and you're good to go!
  3. Q: How do I clean my Xbox Mini Fridge?
    A: Wipe any stains clean with a damp cloth. Don't use cleaners or solvents as it may damage the matte-black surface of the fridge.
  4. Q: How cold can my Xbox Mini Fridge get?
    A: The Xbox Mini Fridge operates with a solid-state Peltier style cooler which has a physical limitation to chill to 10-degrees below ambient temperature. Therefore, if your room is 20-degrees C, your fridge can chill to about 5-degrees C.
  5. Q: How much power can the USB port provide? Does it provide fast-charge capabilities?
    A: The USB port provides 5V at 500mA. That's enough to charge a phone or other USB device, but does not support fast-charging.