The why’s and wherefores of our products, prices and philosophy.

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This should be obvious, but if it was you wouldn’t be asking. The reason is: Economies of Scale.

What’s that you ask?

The tl;dr definition can be found on Wikipedia, but for the sake of brevity it’s because we’re not selling 100,000 plus units to big box stores at extremely low margins,which are offset by volume.

Rest assured that what you buy is the best that can be produced at collector-friendly numbers. If we didn’t think it was worth it, we wouldn’t make it.

Sorry. No sneak peaks or pre-release previews of products in development.

While we’re not exactly Apple-level secret, we have to be sensitive to the licensing process. Once an item has passed the chain-of-approval-command, you’ll hear about it here first.

Or maybe you’re asking, “what is RobeFactory”? Or “what is a UKONIC?”

Our initial products were high quality, uniquely designed robes and loungewear. We’ve broadened our horizons and expanded our product lines.

Plus we got tired of being asked, “road factory? What’s a road factory?”

UKONIC is now the parent company with RobeFactory as a division.

UKONIC is our way of bringing your icons to life, and of making products that are all about U.