Star Trek TOS Shuttlecraft Slippers

Deck your feet out in these Star Trek Shuttlecraft Slippers to prepare them to boldly go. These comfortable slippers are fashioned after the Star Trek: The Original Series shuttlecraft Galileo. Available in three sizes to fit just right, you get two shuttlecraft just in case you have to use one as a signal flare to allow the USS Enterprise (or your roommate) to find you. They're a fun gift for a classic Star Trek fan.

  • Slippers that look like the Star Trek: The Original Series shuttlecraft Galileo
  • Embroidered details stay true to the original prop
  • Anti-slip dots on bottom assist in your braking maneuvers
  • Available in three sizes:
  • Women's S/M Size 7-8 (sole length 9.8")
  • Men's L/XL Size 9-10 / Women's 11-12 (sole length 11")
  • Men's XXL Size 12-13 (sole length 11.8")
  • 100% polyester
  • A perfect gift for ST:TOS fans