Halo Logo Area Rug

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When you spend your days traveling around the galaxy as a UNSC Marine trying to save the remnants of humanity, it's nice to return to someplace that feels like home (whatever space station, ship, or colony that might be this week) - maybe a room with some decorative touches such as this oversized Halo Logo Area Rug. Measuring 3 feet by over 4 feet, even the Master Chief would have to give a grunt of approval to this iconic floor covering in your gaming space. 


  • Halo logo rectangular area rug from Halo Infinite 
  • Measures 36" tall x 52" across 
  • 100% polyester pile 
  • Black edge binding for durability  
  • Srs home decor for srs Halo fans - perfect for dorms, game rooms, or offices 

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