Halo Ammo Crate Tin Box

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If you're a space Marine, you don't get to bring much with you and you can't ever create a mess (except on the battlefield), so we predict this Halo Ammo Can Storage Tin will come in handy on your intergalactic travels. Small enough to fit in the corner of your footlocker or bunk, this little metal box looks like it was made to store the ammo for a LFG. It can actually help contain all the messes that come with being deployed with the UNSC - paperclips for all the forms, tiny bottles of tabasco sauce for the MREs, and the Hot Wheels version of your Warthog. Master your space, Chief. 


  • Metal storage tin cube with lid looks like an ammo crate from Halo Infinite
  • UNSC insignia on front
  • DP-06 stenciled on the back
  • Measures 4" on each side
  • For managing clutter in your personal space

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