Star Wars Mandalorian Helmet Multi Chip Clips

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If something needs to be sealed, then this Star Wars: The Mandalorian Chip Clip Set is the deal. The star of the hit Disney+ series is on a mission to keep your snacks fresh with these handy bag clips. Designed to look just like Din Djarin's iconic Mandalorian helmet, detailed with a silver finish resembling beskar.


This set of matching clamps isn't just fun to look at, they are precious cargo for keeping all those potato chip bags closed that you've got around the Razor Crest. Easily attach these durable chip clips to bags, papers, pictures, and other bounty hunting supplies to give it Mando's seal of approval.

Make your way through the galaxy with this officially licensed Star Wars: The Mandalorian collectible.


  • TAKE HOME THIS PRECIOUS CARGO: This is the way to keep your snacks and food from going stale. These galactic chip clips inspired by Star Wars: The Mandalorian will make sure your bounty always stays fresh.
  • THE FINEST BESKAR SUBSTITUTE: Go into your next mission with these matching bag clips that resemble the Mandalorian's iconic silver helmet. Built with a high tolerance that some might say even rivals beskar.
  • SNACK SIZED: Durable plastic clips made with strong spring action and a sturdy grip for a super tight seal. This fun picnic pack is a decorative storage option to keep your home, kitchen, or office space organized.
  • A MANDO-WORTHY ESSENTIAL: While designed with potato chip bags in mind, these heavy duty clamps are ideal for any bagged snacks, sweets, frozen dinners, or even for organizing papers from the Bounty Hunters' Guild.
  • OFFICIAL STAR WARS COLLECTIBLE: Store your next bounty with this officially licensed chip clip set from Star Wars: The Mandalorian. You'll always be able to keep your planet's local delicacies freshly sealed.

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