Marvel Spider-Man 4-Liter Mini-fridge Thermoelectric Cooler

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This Marvel Spider-Man Thermoelectric Cooler proves that with great power, comes great versatility. This amazing kitchen appliance can both chill your sodas and keep your lunch warm. Peter Parker probably has one of these next to his desk at the Daily Bugle if they made employees return to the office.

And when you get one of these mini-refrigerators, you'll have the face of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man looking out at you with eyes that glow.


The web-slinger sees all and will ensure nobody steals your candy bars or sandwiches on his watch. Spidey is here to keep an eye on your dorm room, office, or secret lair in the form of this thermoelectric cooler. So you'll never have to worry about any unexpected surprises from the likes of Green Goblin, Sandman, or other baddies that wanna get their hands on your snack fridge.

Spin up a whole new adventure with this officially licensed collectible from Marvel.


  • SPIDEY SENSES TINGLING: Thwip into action with Marvel's original wall-crawler. This mini fridge, featuring a 3D Spider-Man mask on the front door with eyes that light up, can swing right into your home, vehicle, or RV.
  • MARVEL-OUS GEAR FOR HEROES: Running low on fuel? Use this thermoelectric cooler to stock up for your neighborhood adventures. Perfect for keeping chilled snacks and drinks near your bed, desk, recliner, or wherever you read comic books.
  • A WEB-SLINGING FAVORITE: Holds up to 6 soda cans (12 ounces) and has a removable shelf for organizing. The top folding handle allows for portability. Exterior measures a spacious 10 x 7 x 11 inches and weighs approximately 4 pounds.
  • SUPER POWERED: Plugs into either standard wall outlet or 12V automobile jack and cools to 36°F (20°C) below ambient temperature. Comes with a 120V power cord and polarized plug, shelf, 12V cable (auto power), and instructions.
  • OFFICIAL MARVEL COLLECTIBLE: Your friendly neighborhood Spidey will save the day with this officially licensed Marvel thermoelectric cooler. Spider-Verse enthusiasts ages 12+ can spin together all their favorite drinks and snacks in one place.

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