Star Wars: The Mandalorian - Grogu Slippers

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After a long day of hunting for your latest bounty, kick back and relax in these Star Wars Grogu Slippers. Based on the adorable Force user from the Disney Plus series The Mandalorian, these comfy house slippers cuddle your feet just like you want to cuddle The Child. Featuring a plush 3D design, this ultra-soft footwear is authentically designed to look like Grogu sitting in his signature hover pod carriage. The fun design capture's the cute charm of the young Force user, sometimes referred to by fans as Baby Yoda.

Perfect for lounging around the Razor Crest, these luxury plush slippers are both cozy and fashionable. Made of 100% soft-touch polyester, these premium-quality house slippers are the perfect loungewear for everyday use. Providing a cushiony step and safe traction, the shoe soles feature anti-slip dots on the bottoms to keep you extra steady during a jump to lightspeed. Enjoy the ultimate cozy bounty and take home your precious cargo today with these officially licensed Star Wars Grogu Slippers.


  • This Is The Way: Deck your feet out in these fun novelty slippers, featuring Grogu (aka The Child). Wear your fandom in style while you kick back and relax. Lounge around with The Mandalorian on the Razor Crest with luxuriously comfy footwear.
  • Adorable Design: Authentically crafted, these 3D plush slippers look like Grogu sitting in his hover pod carriage from Star Wars: The Mandalorian. These cute and comfy slippers capture Grogu's precious charm, better known as The Child or "Baby Yoda."
  • Comfy Construction: Made of 100% soft-touch polyester, these premium-quality plush slippers are fashionable loungewear for everyday use. The anti-slip dots on the shoe sole provide extra grip, stability, and safety as you hone your Force abilities.
  • Sized To Fit: These ultra-soft house slippers are a good fit for anyone who loves warm and snuggly footwear. Providing a cushiony step and steady non-slip traction, you can enjoy walking around in comfort and style.
  • Great For Gifting: When you're not busy traveling around the galaxy, these officially licensed Star Wars Grogu Slippers are the perfect cozy house wear. Give the gift of comfort to The Mandalorian fan in your life with these plush 3D slippers.

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