Star Trek TOS Engineering Red Fleece Jacket

Choose: Command Yellow, Engineering Red, or Sciences Blue

  • Full-zip fuzzy jackets
  • Insignia embroidered in black against the color of the jacket
  • Two pockets that zip on the front
  • Sleeves have thumb cuffs
  • Left sleeve has an eensy, weensy embroidered tricorder on it
  • Right sleeve has an eensy, weensy embroidered phaser on it

On the back, the right shoulder blade has “To Boldly Go” embroidered on it
Yellow necktag reads “Phasers on Stun” with a picture of Kirk
Red necktag reads “Beam Me Up” with a picture of Scotty
Blue necktag reads “Live Long and Prosper” with a picture of Spock
Materials: 100% tribble polyester exclusive of decoration
Care Instructions: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low.

Chest 351/2in 37in 42in 451/2in 50in 55in
Sleeve Length 311/2in 32in 33in 334/5in 341/2in 351/2in
Body 251/2in 26in 271/2in 281/2in 291/2in 301/2in